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Supporting At risk 
Families and Children

Foster 180 is the connection for families navigating the courts, DCS, and agencies. Our purpose is to support a stronger community while serving at risk families and children in Wilson County, Tennessee, to encourage and empower generational healing within families.

Follow the link above to the "Say Yes" podcast to hear the heart of Foster 180 co-founders Bill and Jenny Sanders

Foster 180 Co-founders believe that having a community approach to Foster Care can bring better and faster healing to families. Foster 180 works to bring organizations, families, and individuals together to impact families and children affected by the Child Welfare System.

Our Impact

Wilson Co. SROs TBRI Trained 

Safe and Secure TN is an initiative to bring trauma-informed care across the state. This summer Foster 180 had the privilege of partnering with the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development to train all of our Wilson County Student Resource Officers in Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI). Training these officers means there is a potential to engage every public schooled child in Wilson County through the lens of Trust Based Relational Intervention!!

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